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Jérémy Sevellec

Software engineer Java/Web and ScrumMaster

En télétravail depuis Lille

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Lille, France
Effectue ses missions majoritairement à distance


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Jérémy en quelques mots

Software engineer & tech lead
As a software engineer since 2004, I enjoy working on implementation of solutions to improve productivity and simplify software development in teams. I’m really convinced of the pragmatic approach and “boring” architecture which produce software that are easy to run and to maintain.
I also like to share and spread my experience and knowledge on these topics through my blog (I can interact with active dev communities as the "Ch'ti Jug" (Java User Group) where I am (co) leader. I also like to attend conferences as a speaker or attendee to stay in touch with the tech trends.

I'm convinced and fan of Agile methods. ScrumMaster with my cap, I try to find
solutions to improve teams efficiency by using the Scrum framework. Other the
years, I was able to work with small, big, local, remote, junior or very skilled teams. I
also believe in the concept of Software Craftsman in the sense that I believe that
the profession of software development is an exciting job which should not be
limited to just implement software that works.

I'm an Apache Cassandra addict. I was able over the time of using it to really see
how powerful and cool this NoSQL DB is. I've created an open source Java test
framework for it (I'm also a
Cassandra Lan party organizer where the goal is to create a cassandra cluster
with attendees and their laptop during a meetup or a conference



Edition de logiciels

Senior software engineer & ScrumMaster  - En tant que freelance

janvier 2022 - Aujourd'hui (8 mois)

I am working in one of the 8 distributed teams to design build and simplify features of the QimaOne product. I’m also trying to bring pragmatism and solutions to ease the collaboration between teams (Angular, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes)

MooM startup


Senior software engineer & ScrumMaster  - En tant que freelance

octobre 2020 - décembre 2021 (1 an et 2 mois)

I was working in a small team to build up from scratch the MooM platform. I was involved in the product development from the roadmap creation to the feature implementation. (Flutter, Micro services, Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Kubernetes, ...)



Senior software engineer & ScrumMaster  - En tant que freelance

février 2020 - septembre 2020 (7 mois)

I was working in a team to start the rebuild of the next version of the Dejbox services (Micro services, Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, ...)

Axon Active AG

Edition de logiciels

Senior Software Engineer & ScrumMaster  - En tant que freelance

mai 2012 - février 2020 (7 ans et 9 mois)

I was working remotely as a member of distributed teams across the U.K., France, Switzerland and Vietnam to design, maintain and deploy cloud agnostic softwares : “Axon Insight” about building and displaying business networks thanks to commercial registers, “Digital Sales Assistant” about lead generation based on business networks and deployed on premise using docker (Java, Spring Framework, Keycloak, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Spark, Python, R,...).

Sarbacane Software - SARBACANE SOFTWARE

Edition de logiciels

Senior Software Engineer

avril 2011 - mars 2012 (11 mois)

This company is focused on providing emailing services. I worked on the NoSQL questions with a special focus on implementing an end to end solution based on Apache Cassandra with a Spring API. (Cassandra, cassandra-unit, Spring)

norsys - Norsys

High tech

Software engineer & Tech Lead

septembre 2005 - février 2011 (5 ans et 5 mois)

I started as a software Engineer in this IT Services company and worked for several retail customers in the North of France to create Java/Web based applications. Then, I evolved as a Tech lead & ScrumMaster for some internal or external projects in the company. (Java, Maven, HTML, Javascript, CSS, GWT, ...)