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Julien D.

Cloud Architect [DevOps, SecOps, FinOps]

Peut se déplacer à Lyon

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  • Tarif indicatif 800€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
  • Taux de réponse 71%
  • Temps de réponse Quelques jours
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Jusqu'au 01.09.2022

Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Julien.

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Lyon, France
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  • Lyon et 10km autour


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  • IT automation
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Julien en quelques mots

Technology passionate, I have studied a wide variety of subjects such as electronics, network, telecommunication, project management, coding, entrepreneurship and business.

Starting to work as an IT Technician more than 10 years ago, I am now a recognised Technology Consultant working on strategic projects for small and large enterprises.

For the last 7 years, I have endorsed several roles such as cloud architect, cloud consultant, team leader, recruiter, CTO and entrepreneur. These experiences offer me the chance to be able to work on lots of different technical subjects, customer contexts and responsibilities.

I enjoy navigating between strong technical knowledge, high-level architecture, vision crafting or team leadership.

My experience today allows me to combine soft and technical skills to directly engage with c-level stakeholders to help you build the vital bridge between business and technical implementation and lead technical development to deliver projects.

I provide consulting and hands-on service to set up and maintain your cloud infrastructure :
Re-design application (micro services)
Lead delivery teams
Plan cloud transformation program / cloud migration
Help business transition on technology, process and knowledges management
Define cloud strategy and new cloud operating model
Evangelise on Devops, Agility and cloud concepts
Design Technical Architecture design (high / low level)
Design Systems Integration design (high / low level)

Technical expertise
• Automation : Hashicorp suite, Ansible, Puppet, Chef
• CI/CD : gitlabci, jenkins,, GIT
• Container : Docker, Kubernetes
• Scripting : Python, golang
• Linux – RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, CoreOs
• Microsoft : All windows version, 6 certifications
• Configuration Management: Ansible, Puppet, Chef
• Continuous Integration / Deployment Pipeline: Jenkins,
• Cloud: Amazon AWS, Azure, OpenStack, GCP
• Container : Docker, Kubernetes



Conseil & audit

Tech lead Cloud & DevOps

Lyon, France

septembre 2019 - mars 2022 (2 ans et 6 mois)

My role for Klanik is to endorse both consulting and internal activities

# Cloud consultant @ CMA CGM : during this project I had several roles within the fast-moving Cloud Center Of Excellence :

- Cloud architect : I designed and validated cloud architectures for both business projects and landing zones components (network, backup, authentication, log management etc)

- FinOps lead: I started the FinOps initiative by implementing the tagging policy and tracking the associated compliance. With a small team, we started to educate project teams and managers on the FinOps culture.We also tested tools and implemented Cloudability to provide dashboards to all cloud consumers.We analyzed and proposed Saving Plans and changes to architectures to optimize the cloud bill.

- Cloud advisor: This role was very broad and allowed me to be involved in many aspects of the cloud transformation. I work and evangelized on the definition of the Target Operating models aligned with Cloud architecture models to be able to standardize our cloud adoption approach and the way we would operate applications with partners in the future. I also had the chance to work on a new team structure to be able to implement agile methodologies with a product-based approach to create autonomous teams that can deliver faster. I was also responsible to follow the cloud security and compliance area to implement all necessary checks and guardrails to secure our cloud infrastructure. # DevOps Engineer @ ING Assist the developer team to deliver a Django project to AWS environment. Creating multiple environments using automation pipeline to facilitate the developer jobs and the delivery process using GitlabCI, Docker and Terraform. # Technical Lead Cloud @ Internal Pre-sales, Recruitment, creation of Cloud offers, Training, Webinars, Drive Cloud practice community

Mission: DevOps Engineer @ ING :
Assist the developer team to deliver a Django project to AWS environment. Creating multiple environments using automation pipelines to facilitate the developer jobs and the delivery process using GitlabCI, Docker and Terraform.

Internal @ Klanik
Within Klanik I did :
pre-sales activities
recruitment and onboarding of recruiters
animation of the Cloud community
mentoring of juniors consultants
helping people with cloud certifications
webinar presentation

Campus Sciences-U Lyon

Conseil & audit


Lyon, France

mars 2021 - avril 2021 (1 mois)

During two consecutive years, I taught Azure and FinOps both remotely and on-site to large groups of students providing general cloud knowledge but also specific concepts and hands-on labs.
2022 - Azure training - Bachelor 3 - 16h
2021 - Azure training - Bachelor 3 - 15h
2021 - FinOps training - Master 2 - 18h


Conseil & audit

Infrastructure tech lead - Freelance  - En tant que freelance

London, UK

mai 2018 - mars 2019 (10 mois)

As an infrastructure lead of 5 engineers I was brought in to bring structure and process and therefore implemented scrum, improve global infrastructure documentation, control and reduce AWS costs, review and reduce technical debt, report to CTO and engage with external providers.

Technicals environment: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Python, Bash


Conseil & audit

Devops consultant - Freelance  - En tant que freelance

London, UK

mars 2017 - janvier 2018 (10 mois)

As a DevOps consultant, I was part of the adoption program team working on several projects focused on deploying infrastructure on AWS.

I worked on creating on-demand and on events compliance checks based on cloudtrail events leveraging Python Lambda functions.

I also implemented GitOps principles for Terraform infrastructure using automation tool.


Conseil & audit

Senior Infrastructure developer - Freelance  - En tant que freelance

London, UK

novembre 2016 - février 2017 (3 mois)

As a member of the Infra Dev team, I was working on several DevOps projects to bring cloud automation.

I also evaluated several ways to deploy and maintain Kubernetes cluster.

I developed an automated solution to analyse and propose cost optimisation across multiple AWS accounts based on Trusted Advisor recommendations across a large number of accounts.

Technicals experiences: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Python


Conseil & audit

Cloud Consultant

London, UK

juillet 2015 - octobre 2016 (1 an et 3 mois)

As a Cloud Consultant I endorsed several roles within Cloudreach :

Mission: Cloud architect @ British Petroleum

Design cloud architecture and lead the development of a worldwide enterprise cloud solution. Satisfy security and compliance requirements. Integrate with existing processes, tools, infrastructure and networks. Drive DevOps patterns with the deployment of automation, workflow engine and log capture tools. Clarify the technical concept and cloud paradigm.

Mission : Cloud Consultant @ Financial Conduct Authority

I was in charge of creating the roadmap for the cloud transformation phase 2 (Highly available services, Security, Review Best Practices, Identifying tech debt etc.)

Internal @ Cloudreach

As the role owner for Cloud Consultant within Cloudreach I created the job description to recruit new consultants, conduct more than 30 interviews, defined evaluation criteria and career path for the team.


Conseil & audit

Co-Founder and CTO

Paris, France

janvier 2014 - juillet 2015 (1 an et 6 mois)

Founder of Flexinfra with 2 friends I was in charge of the technical lead on our private cloud offer and public cloud services. My mission was to :

Entrepreneur: Design and implementation of cloud infrastructures, create private and public cloud offers, digital marketing, sales prospection and business networking

Partnership with Alcatel Lucent Enterprise and provide R&D expertise to create a Private Cloud solution offering

Trainer for an accelerated training program to upskill/reconvert professionals to become IT support technicians.


Conseil & audit

Senior ICT Consultant

Geneva, Switzerland

janvier 2011 - septembre 2013 (2 ans et 8 mois)

As a member of the consulting team, I was in charge of helping our clients with their IT projects. This involved a lot of different technologies such as : Citrix, Hyper V, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, BackupExec, Forefront, Remote Desktop Service, Profile Management, SAN, Vmware, LANdesk and Network.

CAPGEMINI - Capgemini Organisation

Responsable support projet

Paris, France

janvier 2010 - décembre 2010 (11 mois)

Projet de dématérialisation de document sur 4 années à destination de 30.000 utilisateurs Analyse, affectation et résolution de problèmes pour la caisse d'assurance maladie Ecriture de documentations, rapports, analyse et présentations client

CAPGEMINI - Capgemini Organisation

Administrateur système

Paris, France

septembre 2007 - août 2009 (1 an et 11 mois)

Installation, configuration, maintenance et optimisation de l'infrastructure de la DSI France Assistance technique auprès des projets Mise à disposition des moyens informatiques pour le centre de projet accéléré. Différentes études de solutions (Supervision, facturation)