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Miguel P.

Software Developer

Peut se déplacer à Zúrich, Zúrich

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Super Malter
  • Tarif indicatif 880€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
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  • Temps de réponse 12h
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Zúrich, Suiza
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  • Zúrich et 50km autour
  • Zúrich et 50km autour


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Miguel en quelques mots

Always eager to learn and improve my skills and share my knowledge with others to reach our common goals.

Software developer focused on Javascript language with experience with React, Svelte, and React Native and Full-stack developer working with Express and Node.

Advanced experience in performance for web sites and with limited powered devices.


Biogen International GmbH - Biogen

Full stack software developer

Zúrich, Suiza

novembre 2020 - décembre 2020 (1 mois)

- Performance responsible for the website
- Contentful integration and maintenance
- Modularization and maintenance of the platform

Netstream AG


Java Script/ React /React Native developer

Zürich Area, Switzerland

décembre 2017 - Aujourd'hui (3 ans et 10 mois)

Javascript Developer working with Vanilla Javascript and React in really slow devices for TV.
- Implementation of new technologies and improvement of current software state
- Software development on STB with special focus on performance
- Working with Streaming networks and STB firmware to improve user experiences.
- UI/UX implementation

pnn pharma nation network ag

IT Developer

mars 2015 - décembre 2016 (1 an et 9 mois)

In PNN I was in charge of a 15 years’ platform to be maintained and improved and, at the same time, the creation of the new platform for the company. The new platform was developed by PIT Solutions using the documentation and specifications created by PNN. The framework Symfony 3 and MariaDB 10 were used. The documentation delivered was created using Balsamiq (Wireframes), Microsoft Word and Excel and MYSQL Workbench For the meetings and task administration, Scrum methodology was used, Slack as communication tool and Confluence as project management tool. As developer: - PHP - JavaScript - Data tables - Database Administration (MYSQL/MariaDB) - Web Service As Project Manager: - Database design - Process Management - Process analyse - System analyse, flows, specifications and Documentation - Task management Tools used: - Output Time - Confluence - Slack - Balsamiq - MYSQL Workbench - Heidy SQL - Sublime text editor


PHP (POO), HTML, Ajax, Javascript developer

juillet 2011 - mars 2015 (3 ans et 8 mois)

Development of multiple web pages. As project manager - Program analyze - SQL analyze - SQL Database design Development of a system in PHP, Javascript, HTML and SQL to manage the company. - User’s login system - Language system - Report creation system with PDF files creation and download process. - Documental management system - Level control system for different users - Clients administration Libraries used: - Bootstrap - Jquery - Medoo. Tools used: - MYSQL Workbench - Eclipse IDE - PHP MyAdmin


SAP FICO Technician

mai 2014 - décembre 2014 (7 mois)

- Creation of IDOCS for creditor control between SAP and external program - Modifications on standard report and creation of new SAPSCRIPT report. Mail configuration for automatic sending. - Modifications on Smartforms.


SAP HR Technician

juillet 2011 - décembre 2013 (2 ans et 5 mois)

SAP consultant in HR department at Illesap S.L in Balearic Island, Spain. Experience in public sector: - Implementation of the Spanish Public Sector. Organizational Structure and Staffing, Management and Registration of Personal and Payroll. - Developments for creating payroll module, organizational structure and personal management and registration (Abap IV). - Data migration from another SAP machine and another others databases. Experience in private sector: - Implantation training module. - Developments for creating training module (Abap IV). - Recruiting module maintenance. - Training module implantation. - Training module developments (Abap IV). - Puerto Rico payroll implementation. Organizational structure, personnel management. Have experience in: - Creation of smartforms - Creation of Legacys (LSMW) - Payslip configuration (PE51)

3 missions Malt

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Llorenç - Biogen International GmbH


Working with Miguel was a pleasure. He always tries to write the best quality code and has a special interest in performance. He loves discussing different implementations or design patterns to improve the tech debt and keep a clea code base. He leans more to readability and simple solutions rather than complex or "fancy" ones. He also enjoys reviewing code and discussing the solution. He tries to get the best out of everybody in the team. Which could be the only problem with him. Some developers don't like being challenged. Specially some senior ones. In conclusion, I would love to work with Miguel again,

Simon Hasler - Netstream AG


During the time of working with Miguel, I got to know him as a very dedicated, active, and conscientious employee, who is passionate about frontend technologies like JavaScript and their frameworks like React and Svelte. Miguel has shown a lot of initiative in brainstorming and implementing new features and projects and is giving his all to make the idea fly. He has been just as committed to understanding, improving and replacing legacy code. In addition, Miguel is a very valuable, honest, humorous and loyal developer who likes to go the extra mile to achieve a common goal.