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Mounir Boudraa

Développeur Android Senior

Peut se déplacer à Paris

  • 48.85661400000001
  • 2.3522219000000177
  • Tarif indicatif 650€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Mounir.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour


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Compétences (5)

Mounir en quelques mots

Développeur mobile depuis plus de 6 ans, j’ai réalisé de nombreuses applications mobiles android pour des startups ou des grands comptes.
Adepte du software craftsmanship et de l’agilité, je n’envisage pas mon travail sans m’investir pleinement dans le projet et avec l’équipe dans laquelle je serai integré.



Internet des objets

Mobile Engineering Manager

Paris, France

mai 2015 - Aujourd'hui

Making technology disappear. This is what Snips sets to achieve by embedding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every connected device while keeping the personal data private. Whether it is a smartphone, a smartwatch, a connected car or a home appliance, all connected devices will one day let us, humans, interact with them in the most natural way, using voice, gesture, or implicit context, to deliver the ultimate frictionless experience, thereby liberating us so that we can recapture time and move on to the greater things life has to offer.

My role was to lead and manage the android team (around 10 people including designers, developers, data scientists, etc..)
I had to define the priorities with the rest of the team regarding the vision of the company.
We focused on context awereness and entity recognition on device.
The assistant was able to understand your visit habits and detect entities (places, addresses, contacts) within your text messages.


Agence & SSII

Senior Android Developer

Paris, France

mars 2013 - mai 2015

- Android Trainer
- Recruiter
- Software Craftsman


High tech

Android Developer

Paris, France

mars 2015 - mai 2015

ibon is a multi-platform (Android, iOS and Web) OTT (over the top) service offered by Orange. Provides features like: Voip and VoipOut Calls, Instant Messaging, Voicemail Management (custom voicemail, visual voicemail), Message Transcription, Contacts and Events Backup and Synchronization.

It fully integrates Joyn services like: Discovery, One to One Chat, Group Chat, File Transfer and Video Call.

Downloads: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000


Divertissements & loisirs

Lead Android Developer

Paris, France

mars 2014 - janvier 2015

• Developing the PMU (leader in Europe) Android application allowing users to manage horses' preferences and see racing results in real time
• Implementing optimized and advanced native Android UIs respecting Google guidelines and compatible with API 14 and above
• Using the Scrum agile development framework (2-week sprints)
• Working closely with the iOS team to develop features in parallel
• Server communications using REST APIs (via Jackson, Retrofit, OkHttp) and Websockets (Hybi)
• Unit testing (Junit, FEST-Android, Robolectric, Mockito) and functional testing (Robotium, Spoon, NodeJS mock server) running on multiple devices
• Important focus on quality (CI using Jenkins, Lint and Sonar analysis) and security (https certificate pinning)

Unibail Rodmaco


Lead Developer

Paris, France

octobre 2013 - mars 2014

The application is fully developed for the cloud and hosted in Amazon AWS

Lead Developer
Full responsive web design.

Using SASS with compass for css precompiling
Using AngularJS framework for frontend
Using NodeJS server with CoffeeScript language for backend
Using grunt, bower and jenkins to build the application
Using ElasticSearch for full text search
Using MongoDB for persistence
Using Vert.x as printer server.