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Raphael Seven

Consultant Cybersécurité et Cybersécurité du Cloud

Peut se déplacer à Toulouse

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Toulouse, France
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Compétences (6)

Raphael en quelques mots

Experienced in software development and programme management in multi-national environments Project Management • Radio communication (defense), Avionics • Real-time embedded systems • Network security • Cloud Cyber Security



Aéronautique & aérospatiale

Software Engineer

Toulouse, France

mai 1996 - novembre 1996

CNES, Toulouse - Software Engineer
Porting, error management integration and restructuration of the orbit determination software ZOOM written in Fortran 77 from NOS/VE operating system to Unix


Aéronautique & aérospatiale

Software Engineer

Toulouse, France

mars 1997 - septembre 1997

ROCKWELL-COLLINS, Toulouse, Avionics Division - Software Engineer Project: Embedded real-time system which allows communication between the aircraft
and the airline ground station, using the ATSU platform designed for AIRBUS planes. • Defined the architecture and designed the system.
• Analyzed and resolved technical problems related to certification constraints.
• Participated to the development of the software in C++.
Environment: ACARS/ATIS/MCDU, C++ (40 classes, 10,000 lines), LYNX OS, multi-threads

Canadian Marconi Company


Firmware Team Leader

Montréal, QC, Canada

juin 1998 - octobre 1999

CANADIAN MARCONI COMPANY, Montréal - Firmware Team Leader Development of a new radio AN/GRC 245 for the U.S. Department of Defense.
• Team of four (4) firmware engineers
• Participate to the elaboration of the project schedule.
• Participate to the redaction of project’s document (Specifications, Architecture/Design)
• Coordination of the firmware team with the other teams (RF, Logic, Mechanical, ATE)
• Design and code review to closely control the firmware development phases.
• Develop the bootstrap/loader software (assembler 68000 and C) that allows
downloading and launching the operating system on the controller board.
• Develop low-level drivers for communication ports (DUART and RS232).
• Implement the HDLC protocol using the 68302 devices.
• Customer support (Republic of South Korea) and code debugging.
Environment: RTOS C-EXECUTIVE, Motorola 68000 assembler (3,000 lines), VSS, DCS, C (30,000 lines, 12 processes), Motorola 68302 controller, logic analyzer

Sierra Wireless


Project Manager

Vancouver, BC, Canada

décembre 1999 - juin 2002

SIERRA WIRELESS, Vancouver - Firmware Designer (8 months) Development of a PCMCIA modem card (AirCard 510) for CDMA IS-95B network
• Develop a separate bootloader to be used without JTAG hardware • Work on SMS, FPGA and UART drivers
• Extensive use of Qualcomm’s CAIT/QXDM/PST tools for debugging

Firmware Team Leader (12 months, 13 engineers)
Development of a PCMCIA network card (AirCard 555) for CDMA 1xRTT network.
• Write the analysis, architecture and design documents
• Develop the radio driver, radio calibration and test interface
• Organize and follow the CDG2 validation tests with Motorola, Nortel and Lucent • Collaborate with Microsoft for driver development, validation and integration
• Customer follow-up and support, inter operability and integration test
• Participate to the mass production setup (Automated Tests, configuration ...)
• Technical support for the commercial product launch

Project Manager (11 months, 12 engineers)
Development of a PCMCIA network card prototype for Lucent to test their 1xEV-DO network
• Weekly report to customer (Lucent), get expectations and ensure commitments
• Participate to the selection of technical solutions for the project (platform, test equipments ...) • Manage risks, issues and acceptance of deliverables
• Coordinate the different teams and organize the mass production launch

Motorola France



Toulouse, France

octobre 2002 - mars 2004

MOTOROLA France, Toulouse - Manager Security and SIM/USIM Team leader (12 engineers) Development of a 3G GSM/GPRS/UMTS platforms
• Define the scope and roadmap of both feature teams
• Report to the Features Management Board
• Technical contact point for customers (mainly Siemens)
• Synchronize with other Motorola entities (U.S.A., Hong-Kong, Australia, England) • Control the deliverables of the teams (schedule/documentation/dependencies)

Samsung Telecom Europe


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Francfort, Allemagne

avril 2004 - août 2011

SAMSUNG TELECOM EU, Korea & Germany - Senior Product Marketing Manager
Key interface to Pan-European Operators (Orange, Vodafone, ...), marketing and technology related activities to increase mobile phone sales across 9 European countries. Lead negotiations for product selection and commercial terms with operators’ global-level. Market intelligence, competitive analysis and overall performance of our product portfolio against competitors’ products
• Developed strategic partnerships to deliver first to market technologies: 3G, HSDPA, HD TV, UMA, ... • 30% sales increase year-over-year, highest market share in main Orange countries (France, UK)
• Over 25 new products launched every year across Europe

AirTies Wireless Networks


Senior Business Manager

Istanbul, Turquie

janvier 2010 - novembre 2011

AIRTIES WIRELESS NETWORKS - Istanbul - Senior Global Business Manager
Command business development initiatives to expend business to Western Europe and Middle East by maximizing sales opportunities, creating professional sales script. Conduct market requirement analysis to identify opportunities, define primary use case, target customers, competition and financial figures, risk and financial assessment
• Secured 3 major strategic accounts – France Telecom,Andorra Telecom and Etisalat – within 8 months
• Achieved $8M in revenue, expanding European customer base by 15%
• Built strategic relationships with solutions and chipset vendors including Softathome, Ericsson, Intel and Quantenna



Directeur Technique

Toulouse, France

juin 2013 - juin 2018

DB-BUSINESS, Toulouse (shareholder) - Head of Technology
Specialized in data backup/restore within "Business Continuity" (PCA/PRA) action for small and medium size companies
• Developed a complete set of products and services from scratch with very limited investment
• Linux servers setup and administration (10+) fully secured with various tools and methods
• Setup OpenVPN server to manage all deployed servers (over 300)
• Nagios to monitor distributed NAS (300+) managing daily data externalization to our private Cloud
• Helped over 120 companies to recover their data after disaster (cryptolocker, h/w failure)
• Security audition and penetration tests for customers to define best security practices
• Assembled a set of firewall and security components (network antivirus, anti spoofing, DPI, proxy, ...) into one single box to secure customer’s network: over 40 customers equipped within a year. This
solution has been audited by I-Trust and passed all the security checks
• Setup ELK to gather all the logs and give a real-time graphical interface to the customer
• Deployed CRM servers in AWS, fully compliant with Amazon Security Best Practice for several
customers with automatic backups to S3