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Ridha E.

Business Strategy, Development & Program Delivery
2 Empfehlungen
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    EUR 1’110 /Tag
  • Berufserfahrung8-15 Jahre
  • Antwortrate100 %
  • Antwortzeit1h
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Standort und Mobilität
Lausanne, VD, Switzerland
Ist bereit bei Ihnen im Büro zu arbeiten, in
  • Lausanne und Umkreis (bis zu 20 km)
  • Genève und Umkreis (bis zu 10 km)
  • Vevey und Umkreis (bis zu 10 km)
  • Morges und Umkreis (bis zu 10 km)

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  • Google
    September 1998 - Heute (25 Jahre und 9 Monate)
    Menlo Park, CA, USA
    HTML CSS JS Photoshop

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2 externe Empfehlungen
Fabio CarrieroFC
Fabio Carriero
Ridha is not afraid to question the status quo in order to create positive impact. As a strategy advisor, Ridha’s role in the organization is to bring insights to senior management to guide their decision making process. For example, when the organization was assessing the feasibility of launching a multi billion dollar business jet program, Ridha led a study demonstrating gaps in key human resource disciplines required for product development success. As a result, management delayed program launch to offset the risks identified by Ridha’s analysis. Our Strategy Director often points to this experience as the embodiment of our role in the organization in that “it’s our job to make sure that our management makes the most informed decision possible”, a role that Ridha has played flawlessly time and again.
In my humble opinion, Ridha’s general performance has been nothing short of exemplary. He has established himself as a top performer thanks to his ability to consistently deliver above set expectations. He is consistently given the lead on tough mandates because of the sharp technical skills & business acumen he is able to draw upon. However measuring Ridha’s performance on his ability to get things done only gives you a small part of the story.
His greatest contribution has been the hugely positive influence Ridha’s presence has had on the team dynamics. He is always looking for ways to “connect the dots” and find ways to link projects and people across the organization to make amazing things happen. For example, when he was tasked with defining the engineering footprint strategy, Ridha new the project would not succeed without the help of many stakeholders throughout the company. Despite not having any formal authority over his peers, Ridha has managed to wield highly influential non formal leadership revealing the secret to his success. As the consummate relationship guru Ridha cares about people first and foremost and it’s through this strength that he is able to rally those around him. After a rough start, the project has been yielding incredibly valuable insights thanks in great part to the participation of dozens of stakeholders throughout the company, all of which have been fully engaged thanks to Ridha’s infectious motivation & personality.
The most endearing personal quality he embodies however is his humility which enables him to build meaningful relationships with those around him.
Ridha will not only be a valuable asset to your organization but I also a key influencer in stakeholder engagement and leading your business transformation initiatives.
Anders LarsonAL
Anders Larson
Beyond Gravity
We hired Ridha to support our sales team in a period of extreme workload.
Ridha successfully and rapidly on-boarded several proposals as well as the associated key accounts. He helped catalyze an important sale for the business, attended an large trade show to meet with existing customers and source new business opportunities.
Ridha is positive, genuine and team-oriented and I believe he would be a great addition to any project.

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