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Verena Zaiser
Senior Flutter Developer (Mobile & Desktop Apps)
4 Projekte
  • Unverbindlicher Tarif
    EUR 800 /Tag
  • Berufserfahrung8-15 Jahre
  • Antwortrate100 %
  • Antwortzeit12h
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Standort und Mobilität
Stuttgart, Deutschland
Nur remote
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Verena in wenigen Worten
Hi, I'm Verena - a freelance Mobile Application Developer from Stuttgart - and I love my job!

I've fallen in love with programming when I was 11 and since then never stopped learning new programming languages, frameworks and libraries. I studied Computer Science and Media and finished with a Master's degree and a self-built IDE improving mobile development. During my studies I always worked as a working student and freelancer for different web/app and game projects to gain more experience.

In 2012 I decided to focus on mobile development using Android Native (Java/Kotlin), Ionic (JavaScript/TypeScript) and Unity3D. Since 2019 I'm fully committed using Google's awesome UI cross-platform toolkit "Flutter" to realize all of my mobile projects - and I couldn't be more happy about this decision!

I'm a very structured but also pragmatic person and I really enjoy writing high quality, readable, clean and maintainable code, using continuous integration/deployment and - yes, I'm crazy - automated testing! For me "look, it accidentally works!!!" is not enough. I want it to work in the future as well and if it stops working - for whatever reason - I want to be able to fix it as fast as possible without crying because of spaghetti-code-chaos.

Since I went through a lot of different roles during my career, I'm also very familiar with UX/UI design, creating prototypes to evaluate your project idea, software testing, support and managing a team using agile methods. I'm able to concept/design/program/test and maintain projects all by myself but I also really enjoy working in an (international) team.

Most of my time I'm working full-remote but it's no problem for me to come by for onboarding, meetings and times when it's better to have someone in person at the office.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or a project you would like to discuss!
Projekt- und Berufserfahrung
  • Google

    Menlo Park, CA, USA

    September 1998 - Heute (25 Jahre und 3 Monate)
    Wenn ich Ihnen heute mein Leben beschreiben sollte, würde ich sagen, dass vor allem die Begegnungen wichtig für mich waren...
    HTML CSS JS Photoshop
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