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Antonio Castellon

Multi-Disciplinary Architect & Senior Developer

Peut se déplacer à Bienne

  • 47.1402
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  • Tarif indicatif 1 100€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Antonio.

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Bienne, Suisse
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Bienne et 50km autour


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  • entre 1 et 3 mois
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  • ≥ 6 mois
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Préfèrerait :
  • Aéronautique & aérospatiale
  • Biotechnologies
  • Chimie
  • Défense & armée
  • High tech
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Compétences (48)

Antonio en quelques mots

I'm an independent Multidisciplinary Software Engineer with wide experience as IT Director , Team Leader , Software Architect and Software Developer in diverse areas like Defence, Industry, Education, Advertising, Finance , Internet and R&D .

I feel comfortable combining the management tasks (Strategic Guidance, Coaching, Mentoring, etc.) with technical development tasks (Technical Analysis, Architectural Analysis, Prototyping, Testing, Optimizing, Debugging, etc.). I’m good at managing stress moments (as a fireman) or providing fresh views into the projects in order to take better decisions (based on the requirements and constraints).

Other skills to bear in mind:

- Pragmatic : Keep it simple.

- Open-minded : I don't care where the ideas come from if they are good.

- Passion : Each project is a piece of art and a new opportunity to improve.

- Creative and Innovator : I don't like to repeat myself.



Centres de recherche

Lead Consultant & Multi-Disciplinary Engineer  - En tant que freelance

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

avril 2016 - Aujourd'hui (6 ans et 1 mois)

As a Freelance I'm developing software and improving existing solutions using the most suitable technologies:


- A new data store paradigm using Graph databases that simplifies capturing knowledge from experts based in NLP and allows to extract this knowledge using a simple conversational process.

- System to control automatically the reservation of the meeting rooms based on the existing RFID access cards.

- Automated experimental and processed data synchronization system for workstations in laboratories.

Some of the executed projects:

- Refactorized a full existing monolithic application to a distributed service Architecture.

- Improved an existing monolith application using microservices and developing new features.

- Design and develop a diverse inventory platforms for chemical compounds by diff. dept.

- Design and develop a platform that combines inventory, workflows, notifications, documentation and reporting for bio-assays.

- Design and develop a platform to explore experimental information produced by the laboratories in Excel files.

- Design and Develop a configurable dashboard platform as a central repository of chemical Knowledge.

- Develop a IoT Client/Server application to synchronize data using gRPC protocol

- Develop new features for several platforms based in Oracle APEX.

- Design and Develop a Multi-Search Application platform to centralize a Knowledge Search System from different repositories (internal and external).

- Support and develop services and systems inside the BioDive platform.


Software Architect & Multi-Disciplinary Engineer


juin 2013 - mars 2016 (2 ans et 9 mois)

  • Define and support the client Laboratories from Philip Morris International (R&D) to develop software solutions using the most suitable technologies. * Analyze, fix, optimize and create software in C / C++ / C# / Java / Scala / Ruby / Groovy / Grails / APEX-4.* / Shells / Cypher / PL-SQL / Pipeline Pilot / … * I introduced the Scrum Methodology into the dept of chemo informatics of my client.

Freelance, self-employed

Java professor  - En tant que freelance

mars 2013 - mai 2013 (2 mois)

Course of 260 hours: introduction of Java & J2EE Create a final application to learnt: Java ( Generics, Patterns, OOP, Structures, etc. ) - Servlets - JSP + JSTL - HTML - Spring bean container - Spring web ( mvc ) - Spring transactions - Spring AOP - Spring ORM ( Hibernate ) - Hibernate - SQL - MySQL Available in :

Freelance, self-employed

Software Architect & Developer  - En tant que freelance

novembre 2012 - mars 2013 (4 mois)

(by grupo SAME) I developed an integration application for HP Software Iberia, S.A. based on Eclipse RCP framework, postgreSQL & webservices.

Ebotlution Systems, S.L.

CoFounder / Software Architect & Developer

Barcelona, Spain

mars 2008 - septembre 2012 (4 ans et 6 mois)

· Embedded software for a designed Robotic Platform · C/C++ (Qt & ROS) & JAVA Developments · SCRUM (Kanban) methodology and JIRA application for control development.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Instructional Java Professor

novembre 2009 - janvier 2010 (2 mois)

Lab Professor (substitute) Escola Universitaria Politécnica de Mataró ( UPC University)


R+D Manager / Software Architect & Developer

Sant Cugat del Vallés ( Barcelona )

septembre 2005 - septembre 2008 (3 ans)

  • Involved into the full lifecycle of large scale, international projects, from requirements gathering and analysis, through to development and unit and system test, using proprietary and open source tools. * Lead developer on CS dept. & Member of the Innovation Committee of the Company (R&D). * Manage & Develop new and advanced prototypes that will be able to finalize as products like Track4Me ® (SaaS) * Providing ongoing support for existing applications (i.e: financial aggregation application named GetSee ®) * Define and develop new standards for development in the company. (Libraries, frameworks, methodologies, etc.). * Link of the Dep. CS with Lab in advanced search engines applications (Semantic Web-based technologies) * Expert Searching and Indexing Systems based on Lucene, Google, Yahoo…, as well as in development using interfaces (API) on Google Appliance, Yahoo! Search,… Projects, as an IT Leader & responsible for the development of … * Deutche-bank : webportal to download movements from accounts on different file types (CSB43, CSB58, Norm.19, etc.) * La Caixa : financial aggregator system developed in order to merge your national accounts from “La Caixa” (Currently : Caixa Bank) with others accounts from Romania and Poland acquired banks. * La Caixa : Mis finanzas with more than 5 Millions of users.


Software Architect & Developer / IT Manager (R&D)

janvier 2002 - janvier 2005 (3 ans)

  • IT management (timings, planning, tracking, analysis, documentation, QA plans, methodologies in development, frameworks, standards to use into some developments, ... ). * J2EE Developments (webservices, Workflow systems, process modeling knowledge acquisition, knowledge modeling, real time control systems .... ) * .NET Developments (Industrial control Systems and centralization of data) Projects, as an IT leader & responsible for the development of … * Manage the team that provides a QA system for tracking the usage of the screwdrivers in the factory of SEAT, S.A. * Government and private enterprise projects, ex: C4i for Coastal Artillery (Ministry of defense). * Develop an existing Internal Project Manager application tool named: GestPro. *Involved in diverse European Framework Programme (FP5): Angel, ARC , DEMAND * involved in European Space Agency (ESA) projects INTELMOD and CESADS * Design & Develop software to define and control de production of the factory using OPC protocols.

Elephant Seven

Software Architect & Developer / CTO (Barcelona startup) / IT Consultant

Barcelona Area, Spain

janvier 2000 - janvier 2002 (2 ans)

  • Analyse and develop webapps. * Analyse and develop desktop apps. ( Delphi, Vbasic … ) * Programming eCommerce sites ( B2B and B2C ) * Technical Leader in Spain. * Support for other teams inside of the company. * Develop some internal tools ( tracking bugs, IT Control, Project hours, … )

Fundación Blanquerna ( Universidad Ramón Llull )

IT System Administrator + IT Programmer

janvier 1998 - janvier 2000 (2 ans)

  • Local Network Administrator ( Microsoft W-95, Windows-NT Server 4.0 and windows 2000), the Internet Network & Intranet – Internet Network. * Server Administrator: MS ExchangeServer 5.5, MS Proxy Server 2.0, MS IIS 4.0/5.0 * Assembly and configure portable office, devices, servers and workstations. * Create an intranet that includes 4 faculties : * Create and maintain different websites with HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, VBscript, JavaScript & Cold-Fusion. With access to Data Bases in MS SQL Server. * Programming applications with Delphi 3.0 – 5.0 , COM+ and CGI’s * Administrator of the computer classrooms. * Automatize processes in servers using Windows Scripting Host (WSH)